Joey Garza and Jaime Loera want you to show your pride in Houston. And they'd really love it if you wore one of their t-shirts to do it.

The local duo's small apparel company, Joey & Jaime, showcases unique designs that speak to the dynamics of Houston, from the city's skyline and neighborhoods in the pattern of an "H" to spots that are quintessentially H-Town like the Astrodome. Those designs are quickly catching on among Houstonians looking to show their love and support for the city. 

The company's slogan is "Bringing Houston together one tee at a time" and Garza and Loera tell the Houston Press their designs are intended to help Houstonians - natives and transplants - find commonality. "No matter where you're from, you're here now, why not show you're proud of the city?" Loera tells the Press.

It's that kind of attitude that landed Joey & Jaime on the Press' 2014 list of 100 Creatives. The list showcases locals, from photographers and dressmakers to tattoo artists and game creators, who comprise Houston's creative community. 

"We visit lots of other cities like Austin, San Antonio and New Orleans," Garza told the Press. "We see where everyone is so proud of their city. We're proud of Houston so we try to figure out how to put that pride on T-shirts."

Shop Joey & Jaime's designs here and learn more about them and the company via the Houston Press