Antiquing can feel a lot like finding a diamond in the rough. It’s a little like meeting a long-term boyfriend at last call: there is a lot of clutter around but you were able to pick out the true treasure. At least for a while anyway. 

Houston has a lot of amazing antique stores and it is a great way to get an item with more character for those pesky friends and family who expect souvenirs. Sure you could get just another magnet that says “Houston,” but putting in effort will win you brownie points. 

Here are some of the best antique stores Houston has to offer. 

Westheimer Flea Market
Located not too far from the gayborhood, this shop boasts an array of antiques to fit any budget. You could get lost in the maze-like inside looking for something a bit different. Don’t worry, when you do find your way out with your find, walk a few blocks down to Common Bond and reward yourself with a sweet treat.* 

Heights Station Antiques
It is only appropriate that in Houston one of our best places for antiquing looks like a bar on the outside. Set on Heights Boulevard, not far from Washington Avenue, Heights Station unfolds in more than 5,000-square-feet of space. This treasure trove offers as much for women as it does men. 

Reeves Antiques
If you are gay bar hopping in Houston, you will undoubtedly pass Reeves Antiques. This antique store specializes in mid-century furniture and décor at prices that won’t break that bank. Depending on the length of your stay, check back a second time because turnover is frequent. 

The Guild Shop
The Guild Shop is a resale thrift store that features furniture, household items, artwork, clothing and jewelry. All proceeds of the sales benefit the elderly in need so you shouldn’t feel guilty for spending a little bit more than you should. 

Heights Shopping District
If you have a hankering for old stuff, check out drag of stores located on West 19th in the Heights. Looking through the eclectic array of records, furniture, glassware and clothing will make you wonder where the time went. 

*If you do indulge at Common Bond, check out Space Montrose next door for one-of-a-kind items that are unique to Houston.